What's New


  • sNotz now lists notes and checklists together.
  • App now request notification permission on Android 13 & above.
  • Largely improved selection page.
  • App UI is now much more modern.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Makes app accent color configurable.
  • Distinguished hidden notes with a lock icon.
  • sNotz now uses Material3 day-night theme.
  • Replaced depreciated onActivityResult with ActivityResultLauncher.
  • Improved checklists.
  • Updated Czech translations.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Creating widgets now requires authentication (if set).
  • Fixed notifications on Android 13 and above.
  • Improved reminder status text and icons.
  • Added partial Czech Translations.
  • Updated Norwegian transactions.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Now possible to delete or modify reminders.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Re-designed PIN authentication.
  • Improved pop up menu’s in the main screen.
  • Added Hungarian, Polish & Bengali transactions.
  • Updated other transactions.
  • Updated build tools.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Fixed a bug leading to data loss when PIN lock is enabled.
  • sNotz will now allow restoring notes after an accidental data loss.
  • Updated build tools.
  • Updated transactions.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Improved Auto Save mode.
  • Checklist Widget colors are now configurable.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • sNotz Widgets: Fixed crashing on Android 12.
  • sNotz Reminders: Fixed crashing on Android 12.
  • Notes are now deletable by simply clearing the contents.
  • Updated Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian) & Norwegian translations.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added an option to use random colors for new notes.
  • sNotz will now record and prompt to report crashes.
  • Improved reminder notification.
  • Updated Italian, French & Norwegian translations.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added QR Code (scan, read & share) support for notes & checklists.
  • Added new long-click action menu layout.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Fixed crashing widgets page.
  • Fixed settings page checkbox positions wrongly shown.
  • Updated translation request.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated build tools to latest.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Hide “Add Note” button when scrolling recyclerview.
  • Improved settings page options
  • Added Credits page & App Theme menu
  • Fixed crashing while restoring notes from setting page
  • Fixed note colour selector displaying wrong colour.
  • Improve settings page options.
  • Added Swedish & Hindi Translations & updated others.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • sNotz now supports Android 4.2 and above (credits: @cloneconf).
  • Main UI: Adapt with custom font size/style.
  • sNotz now supports directly capture notes from shared text.
  • Note Picker page is now improved and simplified.
  • sNotz backup is now saved in Base64 format.
  • Now possible to set number of notes in a Row.
  • Updated and improved welcome notes.
  • Added Arabic, French and Turkish translations.
  • Fixed several other bugs.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Introduced sNotz widgets for notes/checklists.
  • Largely improved UI loading.
  • Implemented auto-save mode for notes.
  • Improved opening notes from reminder notification.
  • Improved creating checklists.
  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian), German, and Italian translations.
  • Updated Norwegian translation.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Simplified & fixed issues related with reminders (sNotz won’t save database of notes anymore).
  • Welcome page is now more informative.
  • Improved note backup dialog.
  • Removed vertical dividers from main UI.
  • Improved app UI and searching.
  • Updated Norwegian translation.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Cleaning all notes will now request authentication (if Biometric/PIN enabled).
  • Added option to configure (globally) font size/style of notes.
  • Settings page is now more organized (categorized into sections).
  • Added Read-Only mode for existing notes.
  • Fixed cursor not visible on default color scheme.
  • Updated gradle plugin to latest.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Fixed remaining reminders getting corrupted after an event is notified.
  • Allow swipe removing reminders.
  • Completely changed note’s time stamp storing logic for good reasons (Sorry for the inconvenience).
  • Added Norwegian translations (credits to @FTno).
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Allow PIN protection if Biometric lock is unavailable.
  • Introduce sNotz checklists (create, import, and share checklists).
  • sNotz reminder now supports selecting any year, month and days.
  • Delete notes and checklists by swipe (left or delete).
  • Allow including an image with notes (not recommended).
  • Simplified and largely improved note add, delete, and update tasks.
  • A lot of work for a better UI and fast app response.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Improve app UI and overall functionalities.
  • Now comes with a Brand New color picker.
  • Removed character related limitations on notes.
  • sNotz now supports custom colors for individual notes.
  • Allow creating reminders for individual notes (experimental).
  • Option to sort notes by background color.
  • Fixed restoring notes on Android 11.
  • A lot more changes.


  • Restoring in Android 11 is replaced with a copy-paste option.
  • Export path is now moved to download folder.
  • Improved permission handling.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Target latest Android SDK.
  • Updated to latest Gradle plugin.
  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added more note sorting options.
  • sNotz will now allow opening text files and backup files directly from File Manager.
  • Overall improved app layout.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • App will now allow to export notes (both individual and as a whole) as text file.
  • App will now allow to use custom names for back-up files.
  • Added link to app translation page.
  • Updated Build tools.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added Amharic Translations.
  • Updated Build tools.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added Indonesian translations.
  • Updated Build tools.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Completely removed AdMob banner Ad from app.
  • Updated Settings page.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Added Russian and Ukrainian translations.


  • Added a dedicated settings page.
  • Added welcome note.
  • Updated About page.
  • Rearrange menu icons.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Support Biometric lock.
  • Append hidden status to json file.
  • Allow full data backup.
  • Added a bunch of information to settings menu.
  • Slightly improved app layout.
  • Miscellaneous changes.


  • Initial release.